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Woah....  I haven't written a journal in a long time....  How do I change the Mood thingy????  Oh!  I found it!  It was in options on the bottom ^-^.  
Anyways, I think I should say, even though I doubt anyone really cares, my Pokemon Comic is on hold.  I am just way way way too lazy to outline it....  Plus reviewing my old drawing style is like torture....  But one day I shall finish the comic....  One day....  XD
There are a lot of random stories swarming around my head that I don't have the time or the perseverance to put on paper....  =I
For instance, the Pokemon Comic.
I also have this new thing, which some pictures have been up.  It's in my imaginary land in my head.  This place is loosely based on Adventure Time.  The reason why I like this post-apocalyptic world is all the weird creatures.  I love my Cyclops Princess!… also this place called Cumber Land.  It is divided between the Cucumbers and the Pickles.  Apparently the rest of the princesses like the Pickle Princess more than the Cucumber Princess.  I guess because I kind of like the Pickle Princess more because I love pickles.  I love her real name too!  Cornichon....  XDDDDDD  Love that name.  My friend made my play Trickster Online (I got stuck on drilling so I stopped) and I named my character Cornichon.  Anyways, there is also a werewolf that is supposed to mirror Marceline.  I love my werewolf too!  I have like the werewolf culture figured out.  I guess they wouldn't technically be called werewolves, but lycans.  Also in this New World (sounds like America XD) Hyacinth is still "alive".  I can't kill off my favorite character!  He's really depressing though, after all, his love did die.  And recently I let Kelvin and Dustine… come too.  I like to draw them as teenagers....  I hope no one else from the Old World (sounds like Europe XD) gets into the New World.  My friend tehasianguyXD wants Iridium… to be there... to be like BMO.  I was like "FIIIINE".  Just for him, because he's my Finn… in this world....  I should stop making him my characters....  =I
Hold it, hold it....  I wasn't supposed to be ranting about my New World....  Oh wells.  =]


I have decided to change the name to Cucumber Land which is separated with the Sliced and the Pickles.  Oh and the Sliced Princess (sounds odd... maybe I'll change that again....) has the name of Corinto.
ArtsyVana Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012   General Artist
Very interesting! Can't wait! :D
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